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Working closely with our clients, our aim is to transform work practices through the design of workspaces.  Our focus is in helping you to spend your working day in an environment which you enjoy and which enables you to work both creatively and collaboratively.

IDEO London wall-7.jpg

IDEO is a world leading design and innovation agency. It has built a culture and environment that supports and encourages flexible, spontaneous and creative working. 

Agile project managed a full redesign of their 15,000sq ft offices. IDEO’s large, airy industrial building is organised to easily allow the user to reconfigure their environment to suit the changing demands of a project. The relaxed and creative office clearly expresses the culture of IDEO.

IDEO London Office-20.jpg

IDEO London | design and innovation consultancy 

BBC Documentaries & Factual Television 

As a part of the BBC’s cultural change initiative we were asked to design a workplace for one of its leading creative teams. The idea was to design a space that inspired and supported new working practices. Through workshops with the BBC team we identified the ways that the team needed and wanted to work. These insights became the inspiration for the functionality and aesthetic of the space. 


BBC Arts

Agile spent 16 months working with BBC Factual & Learning investigating how they could improve their working environments while reducing the cost of their office accommodation for their 2,500 work force. Part of the project included the design of a pilot area where 135 production staff shared 98 desks; a huge culture change for the teams. 

“Agile are excellent designers who listen to their clients and really understand what the occupants need” 

Tony Bryan, Leader Creative Spaces, BBC Property

“This space is exactly where the BBC should be heading.” 

John Dee, Head of Design, BBC Property quoted in Design Week 

Other projects for the BBC

  • BBC Newsroom - Broadcasting House

  • BBC Factual & Learning - White City

  • BBC Digital Curriculum - White City

  • BBC Head of Learning office - White City

  • BBC Monitoring’s Listening Room - Caversham

  • Entry signage for Radio 2 & 6 Music’s new HQ - W1

  • BBC Factual & Learning Digital Curriculum - White City

  • BBC Broadcasting House - design assessment for new building

  • BBC London - breakout areas & executive’s office - W1

  • BBC Factual & Learning’s Headquarters - White City

  • BBC News Interactive refurbishment - White City

  • BBC Documentaries & Factual Television

  • Radio 1’s daytime offices - W1

  • BBC Monitoring finance team office - Caversham

  • Radio Times’ offices - BBC Worldwide

  • BBC Director of Factual & Learning’s offices - White City

  • BBC Head of Documentaries - White City

  • BBC Music Rights & Negotiation - Media Centre

  • BBC D&CF Management’s office - White City

  • BBC Monitoring Research & Information Unit - Caversham

  • Radio 1’s roof garden - W1

  • BBC Training Department - Bush House

BBC News Interactive Newsroom

“The old office was dark, dirty, cramped and old-fashioned-not the place for the cutting edge part of BBC News. We love the more open, white, modern look with the glass meeting room and separate comfortable soft seating area - all of which seem more in keeping with our business. It is now a far better place to work!”

Vicky Taylor, Editor, BBC News Interactive

BBC Radio 1 

“Agile helped us design an office space that was both practical and pleasing to the eye. They involved us in the whole process and were very flexible with our ideas. Our office is used 24 hours a day so it gets a lot of wear and tear, but 12 months on it still looks brand new! But most importantly they helped us achieve a brilliant space with a very limited budget!”

Megan Carver, Producer, Radio 1

The NHS’s Institute of Innovation & Improvement was formed to rapidly develop and transfer new ways of working, technology and leadership skills. Agile was asked to design an environment that supported this new way of working. 

The 30,000sq. ft. space was designed so teams could quickly form then work in a dedicated team space. Project Spaces hold the history of rapidly moving projects and can accommodate project teams that grow and shrink depending on the stage of the project. Here staff can focus together but also share the progress of the project with other Institute staff. 

Part of the HQ building, located on the Warwick University campus, is available for NHS staff to mock up environments for the testing of new routines. In one week it may act as a hospital ward, a doctors’ surgery and a venue for a workshop with 50 nurses. 

Agile was then asked to design the NHS Institute of Innovation & Improvement’s London office. This redesign involved moving the kitchen, forming new meeting rooms and supplying new furniture that supported the flexible working that was happening at the HQ building.

NHS Institute of Innovation & Improvement | Warwick University & London HQ


PATAS | Parking & Traffic Appeals Service for London Councils

Agile won the tender to design new local government offices for all 33 London authorities. This is where appeals against parking & congestion charging tickets are heard by barristers. Here, members of the public can represent themselves against the ticket issuer, often presenting evidence and witnesses. As losing an appeal can be emotive the security of PATAS staff was a big issue. 

From helping London Councils select the building to the office opening to the public took just four months. After designing the space Agile wrote the design specification for all elements. supervised the tendering of the fit-out contract and was involved in all the finishing touches including procurement & installation of all furniture and graphics. All spaces are fully wheelchair accessible including the new kitchen, shower room and loos.

DEMOS  |  new office for the independent think-tank 

“Now three months settled, Agile’s imagination and intelligence in designing our new office is etched deeply into our daily practice. Harriet succeeded in anticipating our evolution and tailoring a highly adaptive floor plan that reinforces our aspirations as an organisation. Simply put, the result is an uniquely pleasurable and creative environment for our staff, clients and colleagues.” 

Peter MacLeod - Demos’ New Office Team Leader 


Mission within Bartle Bogle Hegarty’s London office 

“Agile ‘able to move quickly and easily’. From the moment I met Harriet I knew she was able to decipher exactly what we needed, as opposed to exactly what we said we wanted. They were a joy to work with, and the process was painless. Our space is the envy of all who visit us, it’s fresh, it’s funky and surprisingly it has remained tidy!’” 

Vicki Kaufmann 

Piano Factorymeeting room_0035.tif

The Piano Factory, London EC1

Agile was lucky to find this amazing space. We stripped the space of many years of additions to flood the loft with light and reveal its impressive materials.

Brickwork and wooden beams were sandblasted, concrete screed was removed from the floor revealing the original floorboards, walls were demolished and the leaking skylight was completely replaced. Power and data cables as well as air conditioning pipes are tucked beneath a chunky oak shelf that runs around the space.

IDEO roof garden 

IDEO wanted to hold their launch party on the roof of their new office. Instead of renting in plants & furniture for the event we designed, gained approvals and built this roof deck in three weeks, for a budget of £12,000.


Proctor & Gamble |  Innovation Centre, Geneva

Procter & Gamble’s European Innovation Centre provides a space where P&G can explore and influence customer collaboration as well as being where internal teams can work together to develop designs and new product ideas. 

As the space was three levels below ground—in what had been a nuclear bunker—we worked hard to give the space as light and as airy a feel we could.


BetFair | Hammersmith HQ

Thoughtworks (2).jpg

ThoughtWorks  |  Technology consultancy's London office

“Agile Space have enabled us to utilise a ‘dead’ space within our office - they have created a place where everybody now wants to be, visitors and staff alike. They were able to help us visualise what the space could be and we could not have done it without them. Can’t wait for them to start on the rest of the office!” 

Victoria Mott, ThoughtWorks 

Egg_stand up meeting.jpg

Egg Technology  |  Design of workplace for the technology team

Working with the Egg Technology team, Agile suggested new ways of working and changes to their environment. The goal was to increase project speed through more effective communication.

“The opportunities for this as a way of working are just huge. The changes have had a direct impact on business value, partly by enabling the company to contain and even reduce its development costs, and also by driving better products to customers.” 

Daren Martin, Egg’s Director of Technology 

Guardian Newsroom  |  Assesment of working practices in the Newsroom

Haven Innovation Centre

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